Use cases

Discover the versatility of JustComment across various fields and learn how our AI-powered personal comment assistant can elevate your online interactions, engagement, and impact.

Content creators

JustComment can help bloggers, YouTubers, and social media influencers engage with their audience by generating insightful and personalized comments on their posts

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Business owners

Small business owners and marketers can use JustComment to create custom reactions that promote their products or services in a natural and engaging way in online conversations.

Community managers

JustComment can assist community managers and moderators in maintaining a lively and inclusive environment by generating relevant and engaging comments on forums and social media platforms.

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Job seekers and networkers

JustComment can help individuals looking for job opportunities or networking by crafting thoughtful comments and questions on LinkedIn posts, demonstrating their knowledge and interest in their field.

Event promotion

JustComment can be used to generate comments that promote events, webinars, or workshops in a relevant and non-intrusive manner on social media posts discussing related topics.

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Researchers and academics

JustComment can help researchers and academics engage in meaningful discussions by generating insightful comments or questions on scholarly articles, blog posts, or news items related to their field of expertise.